Colbeck Boldly Speaks Truth in Love, El-Sayed Promotes Hate

By May 15, 2018Press Release

Video of the Michigan Press Association Forum
shows the heated exchange.

Lansing, Mich. — Democratic candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed’s true colors were revealed yesterday in front of 150 members of the Michigan Press Association at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing.  From the podium, El-Sayed’s final remarks were directed at Senator Colbeck when he said “You may not hate Muslims, but ALL Muslims hate you”.  What prompted this outburst?  Colbeck had just pointed out that El-Sayed and his supporters made demonstrably false claims when they called Colbeck a  “racist” and a “bigot.”  Colbeck noted during the forum that he “loves all Muslims” and explained why the claims were false.  Video of the exchange can be seen here.

Colbeck noted that El-Sayed might be trying to deflect from the truth regarding association with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He noted that while the organization “Muslim Brotherhood” does include the word Muslim in the title, this organization has been designated a terrorist group not just by Colbeck but also by majority-Muslim countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  Clearly, Colbeck’s association of El-Sayed with the Muslim Brotherhood is not anti-Muslim.  Colbeck went on to point out that one of the other speakers at the See Something, Say Something forum at which he originally highlighted El-Sayed’s association with the Muslim Brotherhood was Kamal Saleem.  Kamal is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and of Arabic-descent.  Clearly, Colbeck’s comments cannot be rationally construed as racist…especially in light of his endorsements from so many people of diverse ethnic backgrounds including Kamal Saleem.

Shri Thanedar decided to chime in on the topic with the claim that Colbeck had introduced the topic of El-Sayed’s association with the Muslim Brotherhood as a publicity stunt to help him in the polls.  Colbeck pointed out that is was El-Sayed’s campaign in association with Dawud Walid, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who pushed video of the See Something, Say Something event to their media allies at BuzzFeed.  Colbeck did not mention anything about El-Sayed’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in any campaign communications prior to the nationally promoted BuzzFeed article.

Since the beginning, Colbeck’s campaign has focused upon bringing Principled Solutions to Michigan.  His preference is to focus upon his solutions for poor quality roads, excessive auto insurance rates, expensive healthcare, eliminating the state personal income tax along with the Senior Pension tax, and educational excellence.  When he is falsely accused of being a racist and bigot, however, he will not be silent.  It is a standard tactic of politicians such as El-Sayed and their allies in the media to attempt to shout down opponents with such slurs.  To Colbeck’s credit, he continues to speak the truth in love.