Colbeck Offers Solution for Ending State Income Tax

By August 11, 2017Press Release

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — In an op-ed in The Detroit News, Gubernatorial Candidate Patrick Colbeck outlined his solution for phasing out Michigan’s personal income tax, including the Senior Pension Tax.   Colbeck offers a plan that could bring the state income tax from 4.25 percent to nearly zero simply by being smarter about spending, eliminating deals for special interests, enforcing current sales tax law, and continuing pro-growth policies.  Each year, the state collects $9.7 billion from households.

In Medicaid,  Michigan can save just under $4 billion a year by adopting Direct Primary Care to cover preventive services for Medicaid and offering DPC to state employees.  For roads, Colbeck says that by  spending just 15 percent more upfront to build roads, Michigan could enjoy roads that would last 4 times longer, saving close to $770 million a year in reduced maintenance costs.

Colbeck says one of the best ways to offset the personal income tax is continue policies that stimulate job growth in the private sector, especially in small business where jobs can grow the fastest with an income tax reduction.  Recently, policy makers approved income tax breaks for large employers but small employers received no such deal.

“In the final analysis, we have merely scratched the surface of what can be done to maintain a fiscally sound, balanced duvet while pursing the elimination of the state’s taxation of our labors.  All it takes is a resolve to do so on the part of our legislators and the governor.  it is time to say no to the naysayers who have been ignoring the best interest of the majority of our citizens,” stated Colbeck.

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