Right to Life of Michigan PAC

“Dear Senator Colbeck: 

On behalf of the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee, we would like to thank you for your prolife commitment to the protection of human life, born and unborn.

Therefore, the RLM-PAC is Honored to endorse your candidate in the August 7, 2018 Primary Election.

The years ahead will bring us new opportunities to defend the civil rights of the unborn, handicapped and elderly frail. Your support and leadership will be absolutely essential in restoring the basic right to life to the most helpless members off our human family…”

Bob Lutz

Marine Corp veteran | Former Executive of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler

Michigan needs genuine leadership. Leaders solve problems. That’s what Patrick Colbeck does. He solves problems. He doesn’t solve problems the way most politicians do. He has solutions that actually work. How does he do that? By applying engineering problem-solving know-how born of years of private sector experience in engineering and management. We don’t need another politician. We need a problem-solver. That’s why I am supporting Patrick Colbeck for Governor.

Ted Cruz

United States Senator

“I’m proud to endorse Patrick Colbeck in the race to become Michigan’s next Governor. He is exactly the sort of principled leader the citizens of Michigan need,” said Cruz. “Patrick is a champion of the grassroots, and is committed to promoting principled solutions on important issues like jobs, taxes, and health care that will benefit everyone.”

David Barton


“Behind Patrick’s boldness is a strong faith in God. John Adams once noted that a politician will compromise core principles while a statesman will not, and that what makes the difference between the two, is a fear of God. We are confident that Patrick Colbeck is a statesman. We have too few statesmen in public service today. When we find them, we need to support them.  So, Cheryl and I urge you to support Patrick and his wife Angie with both your time and treasure to assist in their campaign to become the next Governor of Michigan.” 

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Apostle Ellis L. Smith

Lead Pastor, Jubilee City Church

As a leader in the urban community, I sometimes find myself in a political no man’s land because my political perspective is navigated by a biblical worldview, which is not always in alignment with the left or the right. It’s virtually impossible to see a political candidate who possesses like-minded values and guiding principles. Patrick Colbeck is the personification of such a political leader.

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Jack Lousma

Colonel, USMC (Ret.) |Former NASA Astronaut

“Pat Colbeck is right on target with his agenda of ‘Principled Solutions’ for Michigan. After decades of ‘creeping liberalism’, our citizens are running out of ‘airspeed, altitude, and ideas’ all at the same time, and we are approaching the proverbial, unrecoverable ‘graveyard spiral’ into oblivion.”

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Bob Dutko

“The Bob Dutko Show” | WMUZ – 103.5 FM Detroit | Michigan’s #1 Christian Radio Show

“Senator Patrick Colbeck is exactly what Michigan needs in a Governor. Voters regularly say they want a leader who will not compromise on principle and then politicians regularly claim they are that leader….until elected. Pat Colbeck however has never wavered once since his election to the Michigan Senate. He has been a true champion for Michigan conservatives, fighting on behalf of Christians, the unborn, traditional values, religious liberties, parental rights, lower taxes, economic freedom and job creating, business friendly policies.”

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Dave Agema

Former fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force | Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Air National Guard | Former Republican National Committeeman | Former member of the Michigan House of Representatives

“People have been asking me who I support for the next governor of Michigan. The answer- Pat Colbeck who is a sitting senator, a literal rocket scientist who understands economics as well. One of his goals is to eliminate the state income tax without raising taxes. He’s a TRUE conservative- fiscal, moral and constitutional.  If you truly want change and not more establishment hacks, vote Colbeck. He has the right stuff without the baggage of bowing to political correctness and the oligarchy of the rich. Remember his name. I support Pat wholeheartedly.”

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Mark Gurley

Co-director of the Michigan Oak Initiative and as the Grassroots vice-chair for the MIGOP.

“I have known Patrick Colbeck for many years. I wholeheartedly endorse him to be the next Governor of Michigan. Today, with the government running wild, we need somebody with Principled Solutions like Patrick Colbeck to be our next Governor. Doing what is right is far more important than doing what is easy or politically expedient. Michiganders need a governor who will represent the common interests of all citizens above special interests of a few. This is precisely why we need Patrick Colbeck as our next governor.”

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Thayrone X

Host of ‘On The Edge with Thayrone’ | WAAM Radio, 1600 am

I endorse Pat Colbeck for Governor because he will fix Michigan’s roads once and for all without a tax increase. He will get rid of our state income tax and the senior pension tax. Several other states have no income tax and it’s time to put our money back in our pockets where it belongs. Colbeck will bring high quality, market based healthcare to Michigan families that lowers costs across the board. He will end Common Core and put education back into the hands of parents, teachers and students. Pat Colbeck will encourage and foster jobs growth by getting out of the way of the businesses that create them. He’ll cut job-killing regulations and make Michigan second to none in economic growth. He will strongly secure Michigan citizens’ rights to self-defense. Pat Colbeck will make Michigan’s government lean, efficient, and transparent. Please join me in endorsing and electing Patrick Colbeck Governor in 2018!

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Dawn Dodge

Speakers Bureau Director | Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan

“Colbeck knows how to execute and work for the people. He is humble and assertive and is bold and takes stands on what is right because he is a servant leader who knows that he represents us. He will be the people’s Governor.”

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Reverend Christopher Thoma

Pastor of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church | Hartland, Michigan.

“Patrick is the man we want as our governor, and as a pastor concerned by the challenges facing the Christian Church in post-modern America, I’m grateful that he’s willing to step out in front and lead the way. Oliver Cromwell is the one who said, “Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.” In politics, integrity matters—perhaps more than anything else.”

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William Wagner

Professor Emeritus, former Federal Judge and Department of Justice Diplomat

“Pat Colbeck, without fear or favor to any political interest, stands for truth and fights for the people of Michigan.  With his principled solutions to the challenges faced by Michigan, he will make our state great again… and restore integrity to the governing process.”

Catherine Engelbrecht

President | True the Vote

“Pat has my most sincere endorsement. His commitment to liberty and integrity is a model for any American seeking to represent fellow citizens. There is no better choice for the Governor of Michigan than Pat Colbeck.”

Wes Nakagiri

Founder | Founder of ReTake Our Gov
Trump Delegate

“Patrick Colbeck is one of the most principled public servants I have met. His conservative values and his moral compass keeps him on the “right” path for Michigan. Patrick is someone I trust to “drain the swamp.” Lansing will not change Patrick, Patrick will change Lansing. It is an honor and privilege to endorse Patrick Colbeck for Governor.”

Dr. Levon Yuille

National Director | National Black Pro-Life Congress

“It is rare to find a politician that keeps his campaign promises. It is also rare to find a politician that will put his contingency’s needs before his own interests. Another rarity is a true Christian politician that lives by the Word. Patrick Colbeck is all of the above. I spoke at the event where he announced running for governor. I continue to support him to this day.”

David Littmann

Senior Economist | Mackinac Center for Public Policy

“Prior administrations have lied about Lansing’s frugality. What impresses me most about Patrick is his desire to reduce Michigan tax income rates in tandem with long-overdue reductions in Lansing’s wasteful and fraudulent spending.  Only with such leadership, oversight and fiscal discipline, will Michigan regain it top ten status and economic  pre-eminence among the 50 states, thereby retaining and re-growing our promising populations of educated youth along with the accumulating wealth of retirees.  Candidate Colbeck has rolled out realistic policies to advance this constructive agenda for our future.  Therefore, I endorse him for our Governorship.”

Representative Steve Johnson

72nd Michigan House District (Wayland)

“Lansing is full of people who go along to get along.  What I like about Patrick is his courage.  Even if it hurts him politically, he will stick to the promises he makes to the voters.  I saw it with the road tax, common core and medicaid expansion, so I support him 100 percent, all the way. Michigan needs to rock the boat if it is to make up for the severe losses we’ve seen in the last 15 years. Colbeck is that leader.”

Former Representative Tom Hooker

77th Michigan House District (Byron Center)

“I worked with Pat for 8 years.  We were elected the same time and we meet regularly at legislative prayer groups. Patrick is a man who has a core.  When you’re in the legislature, there is a lot of pressure from lobbyists and leadership.  Money seems to be a driving force.  Patrick has a strong core, a core built on faith, the constitution, the family.  When it comes to making a decision, he doesn’t need to put his finger in the air to see which way the political winds blow. He decides on principle and conviction.  He is a true conservative.”

Ted Fricano

Small Business Owner

“It is my pleasure to support Patrick Colbeck for Governor and I strongly suggest you do as well. Hard work, dedication, and prayer is the benchmark for success, and Patrick will guide Michigan with those three attributes.”

Michigan FairTax Association

“The Michigan Fair Tax Association encourages the public to support and encourage each candidate that furthers the goal of the Michigan FAIR tax Proposal. Patrick Colbeck has made this bold step a priority.”

 William Federer


“Patrick Colbeck is a brilliant and balanced leader. He understands the pressing issues of our day and has the courage to address them. Michigan and America need his leadership! Patrick gets it. He has the backbone to address difficult topics so that the next generation of boys and girls can have a safe future filled with promising opportunities.”

LTG (Ret.) William Boykin

LTG (ret) William Boykin, U.S Army Special Forces, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, minister, Vice President, Family Research Council

“Your guiding principles of governing give me confidence that you will do an excellent job championing faith, family, and freedom through the public policy process as Michigan’s next governor. You hold a strong respect for the Constitution and understand very well that economic prosperity cannot be achieved without a moral and religious society.”

Full Endorsement

Rick Warzywak

Director of Transformation Michigan/Co-director Michigan Oak Initiative

“I fully support Senator Patrick’s run for Governor in MI – 2018. His principled solutions entails a broad spectrum of issues which exemplifies true conservatism that is constitutionally based. Senator Colbeck’s moral perspectives on life in the womb; marriage; family and his stand for religious freedom is resounding loud and clear in the Christian community. I also respect his “No Compromise” approach on tough issues where many would bow to special interest and peer pressure. He has a back round set of professional skills which makes him an outsider regarding politics. As the director of Transformation MI and Co-director of Michigan Oak Initiative I personally support Senator Patrick Colbeck for governor as he can make Michigan Great Again!”

Steve Redmond, MPA

Ottawa County Patriots President

“I am endorsing Senator Patrick Colbeck for Governor because he is the best candidate, who has demonstrated a high degree of moral courage, integrity and a deep commitment to do what is right even when it is not popular  with donors, government bureaucrats and powerful political party bosses.

I have been privileged to work with Senator Colbeck on a number of important issues over the past three years including: educational reform, free market healthcare alternatives, and other issues important to conservative voters. I have found Pat to be a thoughtful and compassionate Legislator who has promoted cost effective and practical solutions to many of the challenges faced by Michigan citizens. He is focused on providing principled solutions that will benefit all the citizens of Michigan and not just the rich and powerful.

I consider it an honor to endorse such a candidate for being the next Governor of Michigan.”


National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund

“On behalf of the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund, I am please to announce your “A” rating for Governor in the 2018 Michigan Republican Primary Election. This grade is a reflection of your strong support for the Second Amendment and the hunting heritage of Michigan.

During your eight year tenure in the state Senate, you have worked to protect law-abiding gun owners and further advance Michigander’s right to self-defense. You have proven your commitment to uphold and defend the Second Amendment most recently by your support of Senate Bills 584, 585, 586 which would reform gun free zones to ensure that law-abiding citizens who are licensed to carry firearms are not left defenseless once they cross arbitrary threshold into certain areas.

Our members will interpret your “A” rating as being a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Please feel free to communicate your rating to the voters of Michigan as you deem appropriate.

Congratulations on your “A” rating, and thank you for your consistent support of the Second Amendment. Good luck with your campaign, and we look forward to our continued relationship to advance the interests of Michigan’s law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen. ”