Predictive Analytics Show Colbeck Near Victory in Republican Primary

By July 25, 2018Press Release

As 2016 showed, polls and pundits can get it wrong.

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Political pundits speaking on Michigan’s gubernatorial race have to date promoted Bill Schuette and Brian Calley to the exclusion of Patrick Colbeck or Jim Hines. Despite these snubs, predictive analytics show that Patrick Colbeck is on a trajectory to very likely become the Republican nominee for Michigan’s next governor.

Political pundits have paraded poll after poll to push a narrative designed to suppress Colbeck’s name recognition and the extraordinary grassroots enthusiasm behind his campaign. While this strategy may have worked as an excuse to suppress financial contributions, it has merely served to redouble the efforts of over 3,000 volunteers in support of his campaign.

Colbeck’s grassroots enthusiasm continues to grow and the data shows it. In fact, the same predictive analytics that forecast Donald Trump’s Michigan victory now predict that Patrick Colbeck will earn the GOP nomination with 33% of the GOP Primary vote. Schuette is projected to have 32%. Calley is projected to have 31%. Hines is projected to have 4%. This prediction features a +/- 3% margin of error.

“The true story of our surge in voter support is not being reported.  Instead, political pundits continue to promote data from the same folks who predicted Hillary would win Michigan by 16%.  Only in politics would the results of a consistently flawed methodology be presented as fact.  I’m an engineer.  I prefer proven methods,” said Colbeck.

“Predictive analytics such as those provided by Evolution Consulting have been proven to be much more accurate than the traditional phone-based polling.  Despite this observation, political pundits continue to get away with the false narrative that this is a 2-person race based upon their flawed phone-based polling.  In point of fact, this is a 3-person race…and the more accurate methodology clearly shows that I am much closer to victory than what is being reported.  We are on the verge of a major upset.

Currently, 27% of Republican Primary voters are undecided.  The fact that 27% of voters are undecided with only two weeks remaining before the election indicates that Republican voters are not happy with either of the two candidates being promoted by political pundits.  The lack of enthusiasm for these two candidates translates to serious trouble for Republicans in the General Election if either of them would become the Republican nominee,” he added.

“Who would the Democrats least like to face in the General Election?  Michigan Democratic Party Chair, Brandon Dillon stated on Off the Record that Colbeck is the Republican that Democrats fear most,” said Colbeck.

According to Colbeck, the primary race will likely be determined by how the undecided voters cast their votes by August 7th.  As Colbeck’s name recognition increases in coming days, Evolution Consulting’s proven analytical model forecasts that a significant percentage of these undecided votes will be decisively cast in support of Colbeck.

The official Primary Election results will be determined at the polls on August 7th.  For more information on predictive analytics versus traditional phone-based polling, contact Nick Ruiz of Evolution Consulting (