What is meant by “Principled Solutions”?

Solutions to the issues we face as a state are driven by guiding principles, not the whims of powerful special interests.

What are some of Patrick Colbeck’s principled solutions?

  •  Job Growth: Special interests have ruled the roost for too long when it comes to creating jobs in our state. It is time for economic development policies that benefit all job providers equally by cutting the cost of doing business in our state via lower taxes, lower insurance costs, lower electricity costs, and better educated graduates. NO MORE PICKING WINNERS AND LOSERS.


  • No State Income Tax: Time for Lansing to prioritize expenses, not force families to prioritize their expenses. Colbeck has provided a practical, milestone-driven plan to eliminate the state personal income tax…and the Senior Pension Tax right along with it. Working citizens would see a 4.25% increase in their take home pay!


  • Higher Quality Roads: It is time to fix our roads once and for all. Enough with the patching and repeat orange barrels. Colbeck’s road plan lowers overall costs by building roads that last longer…WITHOUT INCREASING TAXES.


  • Affordable, Quality Healthcare: Colbeck has received national recognition for his free market healthcare solutions that lower costs while improving the quality of care…FOR ALL OF OUR CITIZENS.


  • Affordable Auto Insurance: Most of our auto insurance premiums go to pay for healthcare not “auto”-care. Time to fix that. We can provide people injured in accidents with the care they need without our current excessive cost of auto insurance.


  • Education Excellence: Parents, teachers and students should drive education decisions not Lansing or DC. Enough with the micromanaging of the classroom via Feds, State agencies or top-down systems like Common Core which prioritize testing over instruction.


  • Citizen-Driven Budgets: Refocus state government services on citizen priorities NOT lobbyist priorities. Shift state spending to responsible local units of government. Local units of government, not Lansing, know best how to use your tax dollars for roads and public safety. Hold all levels of government accountable for their performance.


  • Defense Of Your Rights: Principled solutions need a solid defense and understanding of your Constitutional rights. Colbeck has been outspoken in defense of all of your rights especially the fundamental rights to life, religion, speech, assembly, self-defense, and the protection of your privacy. Plus, he has promoted civics education that will secure this defense in the hearts and minds of future generations.


  • Supporting Those Who Secure Your Rights: As Chairman of the MI Department of Military and Veteran Affairs budget, Colbeck led the effort to improve the quality of veteran services from one of the worst service records in the nation to #2 in the nation within just 4 years. He serves on the board of the Michigan Freedom Center which he co-founded to “Serves those who serve us” in the military. The Freedom Centers provide hospitality services at Detroit Metro Airport as well as the Lansing and Troy Military Entrance Processing Stations. He has also been a vocal supporter of law enforcement and has been recognized as the Legislator of the Year by the Police Officers Association of Michigan.