Sean Hannity Endorses Colbeck for Governor

By October 19, 2017Press Release

Talk show host and political commentator is a leading conservative voice on the national circuit.

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — During his nationally syndicated radio show, Sean Hannity announced that he is endorsing Patrick Colbeck for Michigan governor.

“I hope you win and you have my endorsement, as long as it helps you,” said Hannity.

Hannity, whose voice reaches millions of listeners, viewers and readers, is known for supporting candidates with proven track records on conservative issues.   The endorsement came during a discussion with Dr. Josh Umbre on Obamacare and how Patrick has been the first elected leader to support a patient-centered approach known as Direct Primary Care. DPC may be the best and only solution to resolving the Obamacare crisis, which is forcing premiums to skyrocket.  Currently, U.S. lawmakers are discussing an approach that would bail out insurers.  The discussion and endorsement can be heard on the Sean Hannity Radio Show Podcast starting at 56 minutes into the hour.

“Sean Hannity is an influential voice among conservative voters and I’m honored to have his support,” said Colbeck.

Colbeck announced his candidacy for governor and his Principled Solutions for Governor campaign in July.  He is days away from turning in the 15 thousand signatures required to get his name on the ballot which are being collected by unpaid volunteers.